Voices on Self-Determination

This section of the portal has information and resources about what people are saying about treaty and self-determination in the community.

Please note: These are publically available videos that provide a broad range of views and opinions. The views and opinions expressed in these videos are those of the individuals and/or organisations within them and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Aboriginal Treaty Working Group.

Victorian conversations

Richard Frankland calls for Treaty on 'The Point', NITV
Victorian Community calls for Treaty at Self Determination Forum
Leah Keegan on her views of what a treaty could be in Victoria
Bambi Lees on what a treaty could achieve
Stan Grant & Richard Frankland speak on Treaty in Victoria
Richard Frankland talks Treaty

National conversations

Dialogue on Australia's Constitutional Reform with Professor Megan Davis at Garma
Renewed calls for Treaty and a Treaty Commission at Garma
Mr Noel Pearson at Garma on Australia's Constitutional Reform
Australia's Constitutional Reform, Pat Anderson AO, at Garma
Makarrata Talk with Stan Grant and Marcia Langton at Garma
Noel Pearson on the Uluru Statement
Reaching out for Treaty