What you need to know

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Community Assembly and the journey towards Treaty.

We have window of opportunity now – before the next state government election – to design and set up a Representative Body. We are working steadily towards establishing the Representative Body while we have the opportunity.

No. The Community Assembly is a step in designing and establishing a Representative Body, by discussing and answering questions that relate to representation, governance and entity structure.

The Community Assembly will make recommendations to the Working Group on the areas of governance, entity structure, and representation of the Representative Body.

Discussion, insights and recommendations from the discussion will be passed on to the Working Group who will use these to inform their decisions about the design of a Representative Body.

Yes. Application to, and participation in the Community Assembly will not stop you from nominating for and being part of the Representative Body.

Yes. The names of the members of the Community Assembly will be released to the Working Group, and also to Aboriginal Victoria. Additionally, with the consent of members, the names or faces of members of the Community Assembly may appear in communications material before, during and after the Community Assembly, including the final report.

EY has been engaged by the Working Group to support in running the Community Assembly process. As part of this, EY will manage applications through an Expression of Interest process and will select members of the Community Assembly in accordance with the selection criteria, the feedback from their referee and review by Karen Milward, Richard Frankland and a third independent Victorian Aboriginal reviewer. This is to ensure the process is culturally safe and appropriate, objective, transparent, independent and fair. The process for Expressions of Interest has been considered and pre-approved by the Working Group, Karen Milward and Richard Frankland.

Candidates will be selected based upon their responses to the selection criteria. Please see the Selection Criteria for further details. Additionally, candidates who form the Community Assembly will be representative of the Aboriginal Community of Victoria in that they will be diverse in gender, age, region, Traditional Owner status, skills and knowledge.

The Working Group have no role in the Community Assembly other than their attendance as observers, should they choose to be present. EY will facilitate the Community Assembly and collect, analyse and present all data collected at the Community Assembly to the Working Group. Ultimately, these findings will be included in a final report, commissioned by the Working Group and will help to inform the Working Group in how to establish the representative body.

The Community Assembly will be facilitated in partnership between independent Aboriginal Advisors and members of the EY Team.

  • Each Community Assembly member will receive $250 per day of attendance
  • Payment will be made at the end of the Community Assembly
  • To receive payment you must attend a minimum of 4 out of 6 Community Assembly days
  • You must attend the Community Assembly in a private capacity and present your own personal views
  • If you live outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area you will also be provided with a food allowance and will have your travel (bus, train or flight if applicable) and accommodation expenses covered
  • If you travel by car you will be covered for petrol costs for a maximum of $200 in total.