The Victorian Aboriginal Journey towards Treaty continues!

the Community Assembly have released their final recommendations to the Working Group. These recommendations will guide the design of the Representative Body, and respond to the five questions posed to the Community Assembly.
Download Community Assembly Recommendations

The Community Assembly have issued a final statement. You can read it in the recommendations, or here.

The Community Assembly have previously released two statements on the 17th November and the 1st December. You can download these here.

The Community Assembly members have issued a second Statement for you. You can download it, or view it here:

Note: Due to the severe weather warnings the final day of the Community Assembly had to be postponed so that Community Assembly members could travel home safely before the severe weather hit. The Assembly will reconvene in the next week to finalise its recommendations.

The Community Assembly issued a first statement on 17th November. You can download it.

The wind of change: Our ancestors started this a long time ago – we can shape it now.

This is the Aboriginal Treaty Working Group’s Community Assembly Portal.

The Community Assembly is the next phase in the Victorian Aboriginal Community’s journey toward Treaty.

The Aboriginal Treaty Working Group called for all Aboriginal Victorians to apply by the 6th October to be a member of the Aboriginal Community Assembly.

This is a historic opportunity for the Victorian Aboriginal Community to have its say about the design of the Victorian Aboriginal Representative Body, which will facilitate the negotiation of Treaty/Treaties.

This portal is the 'one-stop-shop' for information on the Community Assembly, the journey so far, and our next steps together.

After two rounds of community consultations in late 2016 and early 2017, the final design phase of the Representative Body is about to commence. The Community Assembly is central to this phase, and will make recommendations on structure, governance and representation.

You can read what is happening and keep in touch with all the latest news on the journey towards Treaty and the design of a Representative Body.

What is the Community Assembly?

The Community Assembly will meet in November, 2017, to make recommendations to the Working Group about the structure, governance and representation of the Representative Body. The Community Assembly will be a group of selected Aboriginal Victorians, and will be representative of the diversity in the Victorian Aboriginal Community.

Who can apply to the Community Assembly?

All Aboriginal Victorians are encouraged to apply for the Community Assembly.

Registrations are open until October 6 to all Aboriginal Victorians over the age of 18.

“The Aboriginal Treaty Working Group is encouraging all Aboriginal Victorians to apply for the Community Assembly to have their say on this crucial step towards treaty. The Aboriginal Representative Body is necessary to give a unified and strong voice for our mob in treaty discussions. It is important that the community voice is at the heart of the design of the Representative Body.”

Jill Gallagher, Co-Chair Aboriginal Treaty Working Group
How will the Community Assembly be run?

The Community Assembly will be independently run and made up of a broad representative group of Aboriginal Victorians who will be asked to make recommendations about the governance, structure and representation of the Aboriginal Representative Body.

Members of the Community Assembly will be selected through an Expression of Interest process.

The Community Assembly will come together in Melbourne in November to make their recommendations over a series of workshops.